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feisty women’s performance summit miranda bush women’s performance Mar 11, 2022

Come to learn, stay for the community. Feisty’s Head Coach and Educator, Miranda Bush, gives a rundown of the Feisty Women’s Performance Summit, and the many ways it helped her to create connection with a community of motivated women. You can get your ticket here.


Text by Miranda Bush, Feisty Triathlon Head Coach & Educator


Many years ago, I would often tell people that I am “not a salesperson.” And while I could never imagine peddling vacuum cleaners door to door or convincing people daily that they really do need the newest electronic device or kitchen gadget, I realize now I have been passionately selling my entire life. 


When I was young, my convincing others to “buy in” to certain decisions or behaviors was more likely better described as peer pressure. But I have spent my adult years encouraging women to pick up messages of goal setting, growth, connection, strength, hope, self love, capability, authenticity, camaraderie, and joy. And I have done this by selling fitness and endurance racing. 


I have sold team memberships, coaching packages, individual and group workouts, training plans, gear, kits and other swag, races, and even conferences and summits. All of this comes from such a strong belief in the power of coming together for a common physical goal that I often forget that I am selling anything at all. For me, the driving force is a love of humanity and passion for elevating women. 


So, when asked to write an article about the impact that the inaugural Women’s Performance Summit had on me and what I believe it can do annually for women in triathlon… I was sold (pun intended).


The Feisty Women’s Performance brand and summit (WPS) stands on the foundation of four pillars of education for women: physiology, nutrition, mental health, and culture. “Performance” is not about standing on podiums, but measured by being able to show up for what you desire your body to do through all stages of your life. This summit impacted me as a coach, athlete, and overall as a woman. I feel that all of the modes of impact fit nicely into three main categories: Community, Education, and Networking Opportunities. 




The community aspect of the summit started locally for me. I invited and “attended” with two friends who are new to triathlon. We had dinner beforehand and then watched the opening keynote speaker, the “Mirnavator” together. It was truly amazing to spend the time with other excited, like-minded women in-person while connecting with others around the world online. 


During the weekend I had several moments of feeling a strong sense of belonging amongst the attendees and with the intelligent, encouraging speakers. The breakout booths were fun and engaging. The chat alongside each session reminded me that I was in the  company of other like-minded, goal-oriented women. The sincerity was felt, even through the screen. 




I have attended many professional and personal conferences and summits, and so I am familiar with the feeling that my brain might burst with information following a weekend of constant intake. I love to learn and so I make it a priority to listen to as many sessions as possible, taking notes the entire time. The incredible speakers at the WPS were not only well educated and vetted, but each delivered the information in a very personal and individual way. The content was cutting edge, based on new and developing research. Each presenter displayed it with professionalism, compassion, and empathy. I came away from each session with new and very different actionable items that I could immediately apply to my coaching practice for women, or as an individual athlete. 


Networking Opportunities


Last year’s WPS provided me with an opportunity to fully connect with the amazing women at Feisty Media and this connection is how I have been able to and will continue to reach all of you with coaching messages and methodologies specific to women. 


And while I cannot promise that same exact kind of networking experience for each person who attends, I do know that there are many opportunities to connect with like-minded women with the same mission to shift the culture. The mission of Feisty Media is to create safe spaces for women to discuss female centered topics and experiences, learn, and to connect to other women. 


I have no doubt that this year’s summit will provide all those who attend the chance to benefit widely in the ways that I have - and beyond. the chance for all who attend to benefit widely, in the ways that I have and beyond. And if I haven’t convinced you to join the fun through the amazing community, educational space, and networking opportunities, there are a few other bonus items that I should mention. Feisty has some pretty amazing sponsors, and attendees can get some fabulous discounts by checking out the virtual expo. And all (extremely lucky) WPS registrants get to join Coach Jamila or I from Feisty Triathlon for some fun, physical workouts to start your day. 


I went into last year’s summit barely recognizing most of the speakers. This year I have been lucky enough to hear their names from the ground up and am so excited to watch them all speak in their areas of expertise. Check out this year’s badass lineup here:


This article flew off my fingers in the most authentic way of selling. The most passionate way. 


I hope I sold you and will see you at the WPS. You can get your ticket here.


Miranda Bush is the Head Coach and Educator at Feisty Triathlon. She is USA Triathlon and Training Peaks certified, as well as a certified Health Coach. She is also a graduate of Dr. Stacy Sim’s Women Are Not Small Men and Menopause for Athletes courses. As a longtime coach specializing in training women, her passion lies in using lessons from training and racing to teach athletes to evolve physically, mentally, and emotionally through sport. Miranda is also a longtime athlete and multiple Ironman and 70.3 distance podium finisher, maintaining a consistent racing career while working and raising her kids. She resides in Wisconsin with her three teenagers and husband who all love to race triathlon.


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