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Welcome to the home of Women's Triathlon.


Historically, sport has not been... as inviting as it could be. Training plans and equipment designed for women can be difficult to find. And perhaps most importantly, women of all shapes and sizes have wondered how we fit in. 


We have an opportunity to rebuild triathlon into a better sport for all.


The past year without races has granted us a unique opportunity to press reset. To step back and say, where can we find good information as women in triathlon? How can we help make triathlon a more welcoming and inclusive space?


Welcome to Feisty Triathlon. The home of women’s triathlon.


What We Do


We produce 4 triathlon podcasts including IronWomen, If We Were Riding, [un]phased and Mental Endurance. 

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Feisty Triathlon Team

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Feisty Triathlon Coaching

Sign up for the first-of-its kind women-specific online group training program, led by expert coaches Miranda Bush and Jamila Gale-Agans. 

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What I love about the Feisty Triathlon Team is how real it is and that we can all support each other in our mutual goals. It has inspired me and driven me to do more in my community and stand up for what I believe in.

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