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We've got you covered. From interviews and tips from the pros on IronWomen; to the latest triathlon gossip on If We Were Riding; to dismantling racism, sexism and ableism in endurance sport on [un]phased; to getting your mind right on Mental Endurance, there is something to keep you informed and entertained for even the longest of rides.



The #1 podcast for women in triathlon


Co-hosts Alyssa Godesky & Haley Chura bring you all the latest updates, interviews and info from the world of women’s triathlon. New episodes every Thursday.

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If We Were



A triathlon-ish podcast


Sarah True and Sara Gross get together weekly to bring you all the latest triathlon gossip, insider news and unsolicited opinions on almost any topic. Episodes drop every Friday.



An Outspoken podcast


[un]phased is an unabashed podcast designed to help you grapple with the reality of racism, sexism, ableism and many other hard-to-discuss issues affecting triathlon, endurance sports, and our lives. Hosts Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold and Dr. Lisa Ingarfield, both coaches and age-group triathletes, dovetail their work experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion with their love of endurance sports and holistic wellness.

This podcast encourages endurance athletes to simmer in their discomfort and collectively construct solutions to big challenges. We often do our best work – swims, bikes, runs – in challenging conditions because we have prepared mentally and physically for what’s ahead. [un]phased will phase listeners towards and through the tough stuff, although it won’t always be gentle.

Mental Endurance


Break through with Vanessa


Vanessa Faye Foerster hosts the Mental Endurance podcast, where she helps athletes build mental endurance to match their physical endurance, and smash bold goals.