Is Swim-Specific Hair & Skin Care Worth It?

Apr 25, 2024

By Ella Hnatyshyn, Feisty Operator & Triathlete


Living in a dry climate and spending 5 days a week in the pool, the stage is set for me to have dry, itchy skin and brittle hair. I’ve been swimming since I was in elementary school and although I have always been diligent about washing my hair and using body lotion after each swim, the dry-hair-feeling and chlorine smell on my skin has just been something I thought was an unavoidable part of life as a swimmer.


That’s why I was excited to try out TRIHARD’s full swim-care line for a few months to see if I could notice a difference in how my hair and skin felt using the swimmers-specific skin and hair care compared to my old routine. 


Here’s the routine I have been following before and after each swim:


Ella’s old skin & hair care routine

Ella’s new skin & hair care routine with TRIHARD



TRIHARD’s pre & post swim conditioner –

TRIHARD’s pre & post swim body lotion

TRIHARD’s pre & post swim eye gel


Non-swim-specific shampoo

Non-swim-specific conditioner

Non-swim-specific body wash

Non-swim-specific body lotion

TRIHARD swimmer’s shampoo

TRIHARD’s pre & post swim conditioner

TRIHARD post-swim body wash

TRIHARD’s pre & post swim body lotion

TRIHARD’s eye gel


Have I noticed a difference? In short, YES! The biggest difference I have noticed is how my skin feels and smells. The swim-specific body wash really does the trick to get rid of the chlorine smell. Before, I would smell the chlorine sweating off my skin if I had a bike or run after swimming (which is one of my least-favorite things), but following my new TRIHARD routine, it’s much less noticeable. And the swim-specific body lotion hydrates my skin more effectively than the generic body lotion I used previously.


One product I was very curious about was the eye-gel. I like my goggles TIGHT and it seems like every year as I get older, the goggles marks seem to last longer and longer after swimming. The main thing I have noticed using the eye gel from TRIHARD is that it feels very soothing. It has a cooling effect which reduces puffiness around the eyes after swimming. The goggle marks also seem to go away a bit faster. 


Although swim-specific hair and skin care might be a little more expensive than the generic shampoo and conditioner I was buying at the grocery store before, the way my hair and skin feels is worth it! I will be sticking to my new hair and skin care routine with TRIHARD and if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can get 25% off at with the code FEISTY25


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