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Putting together all of the pieces can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to learn about swimming, biking, and running, not to mention transitions, gear, and nutrition. Plus, as a woman. How do you find the right sports bra or know what to do when you have your period on race day?  You don’t have hours to look for answers on top of training!


That’s why we created the Women’s Guide to Triathlon.


This free video series will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully get to the finish line! Each lesson comes with companion PDFs that you can save for future races.


Lessons include:


  • Basic swim skills and open water swim tips
  • A bike overview and tips for feeling more comfortable on the bike
  • Tips for good running
  • Nutrition advice for women
  • Goal setting and visualization training to help you up your mental game
  • Women-specific information including dealing with your period and training during different life stages
  • And more

It's our free gift to you! (for real, it's free).