Get the women-specific training you deserve. 


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Women have unique physiology and deserve a training plan that honors this. 


For far too long women have been coached the same as men. Women's hormone cycles were "too complicated" to study. 

Because of leading experts such as Dr Stacy Sims, women-specific research is finally happening. The latest research backs what we've known intuitively as women all along: that we have a unique physiology and deserve more than a one-size-fits-all training program.

Feisty Triathlon Coaching offers both group coaching and individual coaching that centres on the experiences of women. 

What we offer:

Group Coaching

Feisty Triathlon Coaching offers online monthly, women-specific training plans in a group coaching setting while teaching you how to get the most of your training by aligning it with your physiology and lifestyle. Plus, we’ll find joy in the process every step of the way.

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Individual Coaching

Feisty Triathlon Individual Coaching offers individualized, women-specific programming and analysis for women looking for the next level. All Feisty Triathlon coaches have taken certification to coach women.


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Feisty Triathlon Group Coaching offers training and a community you can trust, without the commitment (or price tag) of individual one-on-one coaching. 


Get to know your body and how to get the most from it:

Monthly women-specific programs

We write a monthly program and we guide you how to best apply it to your physiology and lifestyle. While we are coaches, we are also teachers  to empower you to learn what works best for your body and lifestyle.

Coach AMAs and online group rides

Each and every week, we’ll connect as a group for coach-led Ask Me Anything team huddles and/or zoom rides. Stay accountable to your goals and make connections with a like-minded, Feisty community.

Female Athlete Guide

Better understand your body and unique life stage with the Female Athlete Guide. You’ll learn how to identify your life stage, how to apply your life stage to your training, plus women-specific nutrition and hydration tips.

Feisty Triathlon Group Coaching

$99 per month

  • Monthly women-specific training plan

  •  2 coach-led Zoom rides per month (October - April)

  •  1-2 AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to ask questions to coach Miranda

  •  Membership to our community tri team, the Feisty Team

  •  Female Athlete Guide that empowers you to better understand your body (reviewed by Dr Stacy Sims!)

  •  Training Peaks Account

Re-opening Fall 2022. Join the waitlist and be the first to know when it opens!

Meet Coach Miranda

Miranda Bush

Miranda Bush is the Head Coach and Educator at Feisty Triathlon. She is USA Triathlon and Training Peaks certified, as well as a certified Health Coach. She is also a graduate of Dr. Stacy Sim’s Women Are Not Small Men and Menopause for Athletes courses. As a longtime coach specializing in training women, her passion lies in using lessons from training and racing to teach athletes to evolve physically, mentally, and emotionally through sport. Miranda is also a longtime athlete and multiple Ironman and 70.3 distance podium finisher, maintaining a consistent racing career while working and raising her kids. She resides in Wisconsin with her three teenagers and husband who all love to race triathlon.

Group Coaching FAQ

Zoom Rides

AMA Sessions

The future of women's triathlon training is here.

Re-opening Fall 2022. Join the waitlist and be the first to know when it opens.